Saturday, May 20, 2017


 My wife and I have been married for forty years and have experimented with dominance and submission the entire time. I want to use this blog to chronicle how the relationship progressed from the initial phase to where we are today. Along the way I hope to use specific descriptions of our activities to raise larger points of debate.

The d/s aspect of our relationship began in 1976 with me briefly in the dominant role. My wife decided she did not want to continue in the submissive role so I offered to switch and she accepted.She has been the dominant and me the submissive ever since. Like a lot of couples, our d/s activities started in the bedroom and over time spread to other areas of our relationship. Over the years Newport(my wife) has become more and more strict with me in our bedroom activities and at this point she has all of the power and I have none. The rest of our relationship has seen more of an ebb and flow over the years as she increases control or eases it as she desires.

I originally started this blog about five years ago and was part of a small circle of people writing mostly about corporal activities, ServingB, Spanked by My Lady and Respecting Mistress come to mind.I deactivated the blog about a year later. I enjoyed those interactions but I wanted to take a slightly different approach and start fresh so I deleted all the old posts.

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